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Verilog build/simulate instructions

To simulate the design, iverilog is used. Use version >= 12.0

To run the simulation (in this case a testbench of the entire FPGC), run

iverilog -o /home/bart/Documents/FPGA/FPGC6/Verilog/output/output \
  /home/bart/Documents/FPGA/FPGC6/Verilog/testbench/FPGC_tb.v \
  && vvp /home/bart/Documents/FPGA/FPGC6/Verilog/output/output

Display statements will be printed to the terminal by vvp.


Waveform viewer

Assuming the testbench generates a wave.vcd, you can use GTKWave to view the waveform.

gtkwave /home/bart/Documents/FPGA/FPGC6/Verilog/output/FPGC.gtkw --dark


Tip: use ctrl+shft+r to reload the waveform when overwritten by a new simulation.