Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bartpleiter c1486c43e0 Documentation update. Remove subl3 files. 1 month ago
  bartpleiter 8074ec0f67 Build instruction documentation update 1 month ago
  bartpleiter 43459e7bab Asm documentation update 1 month ago
  bart 82e6f5e60e Disable autosync in scripts and programs. Is now responsibility of user as it takes very long to sync and quickly becomes annoying. 1 month ago
  bart 24c2098f9e Added buffer for asm and bcc. Other minor improvements. fgpc build tools are confirmed working by compiling raycast on device. 1 month ago
  bart 42f0174d60 Assembler for BCC updated to new cpu arch and brfs. Seems to work on a few programs but not fully tested yet. Current fgetc is very slow without buffer. Same goes for BCC 1 month ago
  bart 852baffec6 BCC now working on brfs, fixed bug in brfs_write, removed strncpy which was incomplete. 2 months ago
  bart b81ee12022 Update edit for brfs, removed wget, uploadToBDOS now infers filename. 2 months ago
  bart 927283b35d Added progressbar to read from SPI flash, fixed two brfs bugs, improved df command, created print program, added disablecursor option in OS space. 2 months ago
  bart 904815e900 Read BRFS from SPI Flash in QSPI mode, df util added to OS, clear command after boot, init script to compile and send all userbdos programs to newly formatted brfs 2 months ago
  bart da7bf6bf21 Added script for uploading text file. Updated syncCfiles script. 2 months ago
  bart 9f23f26dc2 Huge refactor of webserv, now support brfs. 2 months ago
  bart 93dfd54dbb Added ls program and check for file and dirname length 2 months ago
  bart 191845d1da Readdir impelemented, added folder check for brfs_delete, created rm program that can recursively delete folders, added mkfile program 2 months ago
  bart 6a15b3499f Added sync to flash syscall, fixed many bugs, added format cmd to shell, created checksum program, started on rm program, improved mkdir, added brfs user lib for struct defs. 2 months ago
  bart c2114c8eae Refactored and added many syscalls. Removed 8.3 names for userbdos files as not needed with brfs anymore. Added mkdir program and removed some old stuff. 2 months ago
  bart f88d0c38c1 Added BRFS to BDOS, started on new shell which uses BRFS and fixed many problems that came up during this process. 2 months ago
  bart 4f78424f8e Added BRFS documentation 2 months ago
  bart 51b0460b59 Reading BRFS from SPI Flash now seems to work. 2 months ago
  bart 9cb7744c82 Create SPI flash library to interact with SPI flash, Added write updated sector functionality to BRFS, Some small fixes in other code. 2 months ago
  bart 8d9f556fd6 Basic operations of BRFS implemented and tested on small scale with examples. 2 months ago
  bart 8b4880efa4 Progress on read function for BRFS. 2 months ago
  bart 7fa4131bf9 Added open function to BRFS, new stdlib functions for basename dirname and strrchr 2 months ago
  bart 3a5ff93ec6 BRFS now does not keep track of directory anymore. Added path traversal and more. 2 months ago
  bart 693251f982 Added changedir and listdir functionality to BRFS. 2 months ago
  bart 6b31f51206 Added file and dir creation to BRFS. 2 months ago
  bart 01a00e1603 Update new repo link, add requirements.txt. 2 months ago
  bart d6f7dcb26d Added initial code for BRFS (custom RAM filesystem). 2 months ago
  bart 0fd222280a Added halfres rendering mode to gpu and mu. Added millis counter to mu. Raycaster now renders at half resolution and many improvements. Now at 40 to 70fps. 8 months ago
  bart 7cfd77a292 Added fps counter to raycaster 8 months ago